WATERROWER A1 Rowing Machine Review

WaterRower A1 Home rowing machine has as its big brothers WaterRower Natural circulation with a central system resistance to new and exclusive water!

Resistance to water rower A1 Home offers a quiet operation unusual ...

Frame Ash and mono rail Aluminium, the most beautiful effect.

Monitor A1:
Ultra simplified, the monitor gives you an early movements all data required for a good training session:
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Cadence and intensity.
  • The intensity can be measured in different units (meters per second, watts, calories per hour, time in the 500 and 2000 meters ...)
  • Storage: The WaterRower has been designed to have a minimal footprint. It is 30 cm shorter than the traditional rowers and is easily stored upright when not in use.
  • After your workout, the WaterRower A1 is stored vertically along a wall to take no more space than a chair ...
  • The low position of the flywheel makes very Water Flywheel patented machine stable when stored.
  • Integrated wheels allow to handle without difficulty.
  • Mobility: With a few key tricks, you remove the mono rail can easily carry your rower in the trunk of your car ...
  • Length 210 cm
  • Width 63 cm
  • Height 51 cm
  • Empty weight 30 kg
  • Maximum user weight 100 kg
  • Dimensions and weight of carton packing list in cm:
  • Master carton: 71 * 61 * 53 22 kg.
  • Secondary carton: 139 * 33 * 25 13 kg.
  • Type of Use: Medium Private.
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It is our mission to ensure that, as a society, we have been operating as respectfully as possible to the environment.
However, our commitment goes further. It includes all the products we produce. The WaterRower is manufactured using only the finest wood species Ash, Cherry and black walnut specially selected from renewable sources and certified by the AHMI label.

Weight and dimensions:
  • Weight capacity: 100 kg.
  • Open Dimensions: Length 210 cm x Width 63 cm x Height 51 cm.
  • Structure 2 years warranty
  • Normal wear parts warranty 2 years


Rowing machine motorized central circulation equipped with training programs. 11 programs, and digital control system resistance.

Magnetic braking performs frictionless and silently.

  • Flywheel: 9 kg.
  • Digital control system resistance.
  • 16 motorized resistance levels are available by pressing the buttons and the console.
  • 11 programs:
  • 7 automatically manage the resistance according to their type profile.
  • 4 personal programs where all 4 user sets its own course. Once completed, the computer will remember.
Structure and comfort
  • Aluminum beam providing optimal ride comfort of the seat.
  • Ergonomic comfortable.
  • Footrests articulated with straps for comfort.
  • Transport wheels.
  • Apparatus for folding to save space.
  • Computer simultaneous playback functions:
  • Hot reams / minute
  • Distance
  • Heartbeats
  • Time
  • Calories
  • Number of oars.
Weight and dimensions:
  • Weight capacity: 115 kg.
  • Open Dimensions: Length 203 cm x Width 53 cm x Height 64 cm.
  • Folded Dimensions: 90 x 53 x 138
  • Structure lifetime warranty
  • Normal wear parts warranty 2 years

Rameur DD RAB01 R Rowing Machine Review

Circulation in both arms: This type of rowing machine allows greater muscle work on the back and shoulders.

The "benefits" of rowing:
  • Works strength endurance,
  • Strength training,
  • Promotes muscle flexibility and agility.
  • Weight Control,
  • The action of rowing simultaneously seeking the major muscle groups of the body (legs, arms, back, abdominal, buttocks). This activity is a fast and effective weight loss by burning calories and refining the way muscles.
  • By working the major muscle groups, rowing seeking the cardiovascular system more than any other activity simultaneously.
  • Ideal for seasonal and off-season training for all athletes: cyclists, tennis players, runners or swimmers, dilettantes or bitten ...
  • A gentle activity, regular, without impact, which provides strength, flexibility, agility without stress or risk of injury.

  • Resistance System Dual independent hydraulic cylinders calibrated.
  • Adjustable arm strength notched (resistance up / down adjustment of hydraulic cylinders with tie butterflies).
  • Main rectangular steel frame, arm rowing round steel. Support frame: Back leg flat and medium caps.
  • Powder coated high impact resistance Gray Silver.
  • Arm Chrome trains, equipped with handles foamed comfort.
  • Cover seat PVC foam padding expanded high density. The seat carriage is steel, mounted on wheels composite
  • Pedals, over-sized PVC straps and adjustable Velcro fasteners.
  • Counter 8 Functions:
  • Mode: Allows you to select the display mode.
  • Reset Tools
  • Estimated Calories (theoretical number)
  • Distance (km)
  • Scan function: displays successively the functions
  • Count: Displays the number of rows in the year,
  • Total count: displays the number of oars,
  • Time: Displays the duration of the exercise.
  • The console uses two AA batteries or LR06.
  • 3 years on the structure.
  • 1 year parts wear.
Weight and dimensions:
  • Weight capacity: 100 kg.
  • Open Dimensions: Length 120 cm x Width 70 cm x Height 30 cm.
  • Dimensions folded: Not foldable